GutterFlo Featured In Roofing Today

Roofing TodayOur award-winning blocked gutter protection product has been featured in a recent Roofing Today article, The True Test of Gutter Guards. Roofing Today investigated four different gutter products based on tests conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) to the principle of BS EN 12056-3-2000.

The tests found that all but one of the gutter products resulted in a reduction in flow capacity, with two products causing flow rate reductions of 50-80%. Our product, GutterFlo had no impact on the gutter flow rate which remained at 120l/m.

GutterFlo – Prevent Blocked Gutters With No Flow Reduction

GutterFlo can help you prevent blocked gutters with no reduction in flow rate. Find out more about GutterFlo’s testing and development and watch the Gutter Test videos at BRE.




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